Walter Benjamin Conference 2019

Titleimage: Walter Benjamin Conference 2019

Walter Benjamin obtained his doctoral degree on June 27 of 1919 at the University of Bern. Precisely 100 years on, this serves as an occasion to host the bi-annual confe-rence organized by the International Walter Benjamin Society in Bern and to look at these beginnings. Six thematic-based panels show how much Benjamin’s thinking is connected to almost all humanities subjects, but in any case, requires inter- and trans-disciplinary access. A reading group aims to promote a discussion of two of Benjamin’s texts. 

The conference will take place from June 26 to 29 of 2019 at the University of Bern, Switzerland. It is organized by the International Walter Benjamin Society, the Walter Benjamin Kolleg, and the Robert Walser-Zentrum. Conference languages will be German, English and French.